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Tuesday, 26.05.15 , written by Christian Hafler The number of burglaries has been rising for years. Now the government plans to invest 30 million euros in the development of protective measures against burglars. If you want to secure yourself with an alarm system, you can receive subsidies from the state in the future. But even with comprehensive burglar protection at the house, burglaries can 

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Burglar protection for home and apartment: promotion by the state

The number of burglaries in Germany increased only slightly in 2014. In some regions, however, there has been a sharp increase in burglary the past year. For Bavaria (+28 percent), Baden-Württemberg and Saarland (both +19 percent), the development is even alarming. Now the government wants to promote protective measures against house and housing burglaries with a total of 30 million euros . For example, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is to be able to grant grants for investments in the protection against burglary in the home and in the home separately. Previously, this was only possible if the installation of burglar-proof windows or doors and alarm systems took place together with the age-appropriate or energetic renovation of housing.

Update November 20, 2015: KfW funding for anti-burglary measures can now be used, as the Federal Ministry of Construction and Building announced. KfW now accepts applications.

Update April 21, 2016: The Federal Government wants to promote burglary protection even better. Accordingly, there will be the promotion in the future, even if the investment sum to secure your own four walls is less than 2,000 euros. In addition, an increase of the subsidy to up to 20 percent is planned. This provides a paper of the Union and SPD before, which is the dpa and Reuters. The expansion of existing programs should be decided at today’s retreat in Rust.

Burglary protection for home and apartment is promoted with up to 1,500 euros

The Budget Committee of the Bundestag has released 10 million euros each for the promotion of burglary protection for the year 2015 and the two following years . Not only homeowners can apply for grants. Tenants will also receive up to € 1,500 for the cost of materials , with the funding amounting to a maximum of 20 percent of the investment. Entitlement to support is available from an investment of 500 euros for barred windows, secure locks and other improvements to the burglary protection of the house. In addition, tenants and owners can deduct as usual up to 1,200 euros for the work of craftsmen tax deductible .

However, the grants are not granted indefinitely. When the money for the year is used up, the promotion stops. The receipt of the applications at KfW applies . From which date applications can be submitted, the Federal Ministry of Construction must still specify.

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Burglary protection for the house is more than just financial security

Increased security measures not only protect your own belongings. We also take care of our own safety . Because in about twenty percent of burglaries is someone at home during the act. If there is a confrontation between burglar and resident, violent conflicts can not be ruled out. In addition to possible physical damage, the psychological effects of a housing or house burglary should not be underestimated. Many sufferers still suffer from anxiety weeks and months after the fact . One in ten decides to move in after a break-in to feel safer again.

Reinforced doors, an alarm system or other forms of burglary protection not only provide a piece of security. Many burglars do not even try to penetrate into an apartment , if this is additionally protected by bars, for example, in addition to a normal security lock.

If it does break in, who pays for damages?

Even though homeowners and tenants can reduce the risk through various measures , a break-in can never be completely ruled out . At least financial security offers household insurance for such a case. This comes on the one hand for the stolen goods. On the other hand, it also pays for repairs to doors or windows, replaces damaged locks and even comes up for vandalism damage caused by burglary.

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