Madrid, Jan 15 (EFE) .- The loan of parliamentarians from one political formation to another to facilitate the formation of their own group is a regular practice in both the Congress and the Senate throughout the various legislatures.

However, on this occasion, the decision of the PSOE to lend two senators to ERC and two others to Democràcia I Llibertat (DiL) has generated controversy since it was adopted in the middle of the independence debate in Catalonia that encourages both formations.

The Regulation of the Senate determines that each parliamentary group will be composed of a minimum of ten parliamentarians and states that throughout the legislature that number may fall to six. If it falls below that figure, the group will be dissolved.

For this reason, it is common for formations with more senators to lend some to political forces that have obtained between six and nine seats in the Chamber to allow them to register as a group.

Once the formation of the same has been admitted, the loaned senators return to their parliamentary group of origin.

But there are also precedents of loans to formations with less than six senators, although in that case the parliamentarians ceded by other groups have not all returned to their group, but they have remained enrolled in the one they have facilitated to constitute so that this one has at least six seats and do not be dissolved.

For the current legislature, the PNV has also obtained external support that will allow the formation of its own group.

Between the senators obtained in the elections of the 20D and those that it owns by autonomic designation, the Basque Nationalist Party counts on seven seats in the Camera.

However, it will form a group having reached a pact with Canary Coalition and Cambio-Aldaketa (a coalition formed by Geroa Bai, EH-Bildu, Podemos and Izquierda Ezkerra), which will be assigned two and one parliamentarians, respectively, in order to reach ten. required by the Regulation.

Once the groups of the Chamber are formally constituted, these three senators will no longer belong to the PNV, as will the parliamentarians that the PSOE will lend to the Convergence groups (the DiL) and the ERC.

In the last legislature, which began after the elections of November 20, 2011, the Socialists also lent five senators to the PNV to reach the figure often and could form their own group.

After the elections of 2008 and 2004, it was also the PSOE that gave seats so that CiU, PNV and Canary Coalition could have their own group.

Also in previous legislatures, the nationalists and other formations such as the CDS have been able to form their own group in the House thanks to the loan of senators by other parties- Intraplanar

It is a practice that has also allowed the formation of groups in Congress.

In this House, to form a group you need at least fifteen deputies or, if you do not obtain them, if one or more political forces add a minimum of five provided they have achieved at least 15 percent of the votes corresponding to the constituencies in that they have presented candidacy or 5 percent of those issued in the whole of the nation.

Thus, in the last legislature, UPyD had a group by adding to its seats the deputy who had won the Asturias Forum to achieve that 5 percent of votes in Spain.

Once the UPyD group was officially established, the Forum deputy was integrated into the mixed group.

Canarian Coalition has resorted to this tactic not infrequently in Congress, and the first of them in 1993, when it added a deputy of the PAR, or in 1996 and in 2000, when it was associated with UPN, and in 2004 when it was the PSOE who gave him seats.

During the IX legislature, it was the BNG that lent its two deputies to the group formed by ERC, IU, and ICV so that they could have their own group, and after three days the Galician nationalists returned to the mixed group. EFE


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