Occupational disability insurance threatens to become more expensive in 2017


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Occupational disability insurance threatens to become more expensive in 2017

Occupational disability insurance contributions could rise significantly in 2017. Who decides to protect only next year, threatens to pay up to five percent more. But even if time is running out, interested people should not choose the first tariff. After all, there are not just a few pitfalls. Also, many offers are weak.
Occupational disability insurance: Higher contributions from 2017

With the disability insurance, the contributions in 2017 threaten to rise. As the financial service provider MLP has calculated, the premiums increase monthly by up to five percent. Especially for young people , it is recommended to conclude an occupational disability insurance (BU) in 2016. Because just for them it is more expensive.

According to MLP’s calculations, contributions for a 25-year old policy- holder increase by up to five percent in the case of a disability pension of € 1,000 a month and a contract period of up to 67. With an entry age of 35 years, it is still three percent, at 45 years, two percent . For this reason, interested people should act later this year. However, irrespective of the projected premium increases, it is advisable to take care of existential insurance cover as early as possible. Because the older the insured are at the time of signing the contract, the higher the monthly premiums are.

Do not be pressured by rising BU contributions

Consumers who are now completing their occupational disability insurance should not make too hasty decisions despite the time constraints . Because they can do something wrong in their choice, for example, by incorrect information of their pre-existing conditions. In the worst case, this can cost insurance coverage. In addition, there are “a lot of weakly set up BU policies, you can go there completely wrong,” says Sascha Straub of the Consumer Center Bavaria on World Online. Accordingly, it is not only important to compare tariffs with the help of occupational disability insurance, but also to seek professional advice.

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Not just rely on a disability insurance test

Although tests on occupational disability insurance give a good first overview , they usually have one major disadvantage: the results are only of limited significance . Since the contributions of this insurance depend very much on individual factors such as age and occupation, the test winners can be a very good choice for one person, but not the best for another. Here, the advice of a specialist is also recommended. On the one hand, it can be used to find suitable offers. On the other hand, it points out to interested people possible pitfalls such as the so-called post-insurance guarantee or the difference between gross and net premium.

Better complete disability insurance with the help of an expert

The advice of an expert has another advantage : he can make anonymous inquiries. This is particularly interesting for consumers who find it difficult to find an insurer because of pre-existing conditions, their age or their occupation. If a provider rejects the application, this is usually deposited in the Information and Information System (HIS) of the insurance industry. Based on these data, the chances of contracting with another insurer may decrease. However, with an anonymous risk request , the prospect does not disclose any important information that can be stored.

Why are the contributions to occupational disability insurance 2017 going up?

The contribution adjustment for occupational disability insurance is based on the guaranteed interest rate , which will fall to 0.9 percent in 2017. As a result, the interest on the provisions that insurers build up in order to keep contributions stable with age. Insured persons therefore have to pay higher contributions so that the reserves remain at the same level. For similar reasons, there are also significant adjustments in premiums in private health insurance in 2017. However, only new customers are affected by occupational disability insurance, and will not sign a contract until next year.

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