Techniker health insurance for the first time largest statutory health insurance


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Techniker health insurance for the first time largest statutory health insurance

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is now the statutory health insurance in Germany with the most members. Since the beginning of the year, more people have been insured with statutory health insurance from Hamburg than with Barmer GEK. The success of TC can be reduced to three causes.

TK nun größte gesetzliche Krankenkasse vor der Barmer GEK
More and more Germans are opting for Techniker Krankenkasse

Around 40,000 members make the difference: Since the beginning of the year, the Barmer GEK is no longer Germany’s largest statutory health insurance. The Techniker health insurance has overtaken the competition from Berlin. According to the industry medium Service for Social Policy (dfg), TK now has 8.68 million people insured. At Barmer GEK, there are approximately 8.64 million insured after their departure. However, for the spokesman of the former market leader, Athanasios Drougias, this situation is not worrying. “Having the most insured is nice, but not competitive,” he told the dfg.

Techniker health insurance before Barmer GEK and DAK health

Just a year ago, Barmer GEK had a lead of around 7,000 insured vis-à-vis Techniker Krankenkasse. Now, the cashier based in Hamburg has moved past the competitor, even if the TK has less paying insured. Many members of the Techniker Krankenkasse are non-contributory co-insured children and spouses. In addition to Barmer GEK and TK, DAK-Gesundheit is one of the three largest statutory health insurances in Germany. There are currently 132 statutory health insurance policies.

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TK: reasons for membership growth

The Techniker Krankenkasse owes its new position as market leader for three reasons. In the past, TK benefited from the fact that many other funds had to make an additional contribution, including the direct competitor from Hamburg, the DAK. Many dissatisfied customers then switched to health insurance without an additional contribution. 2014 all coffers come out without additional contribution, which should be omitted in its present form, according to government plans anyway.

Members of the Techniker Krankenkasse receive a premium

Another reason for the increase in membership is the premium that the Techniker Krankenkasse pays out to its insured persons. It pays one-off 80 euros to insured persons who are paying members by the deadline. Anyone who has heard about it in 2013 should receive 160 euros. Barmer GEK has decided against premium payments. She wants to use the money to expand and improve the range of services.

Data to the TK

According to their own information, the TK employs around 12,800 people who look after the 8.68 million insured persons. Of these, around 2.4 million are currently insured members who are not insured. Nationwide, the box office has 247 branches.

Health insurance test certifies TK best services

The Techniker health insurance is also one of the best health insurances in Germany. In July 2013, the German Institute for Service Quality awarded the insurer the best health insurance. The testers were particularly impressed by the additional services such as training courses and bonus programs. According to the current health insurance test by Focus Money, DAK Gesundheit is the best health insurer in Germany. The Techniker health insurance is, however, according to the experts, better suited for the self-employed.

Even without health insurance change additional benefits secure

Due to the premium that TK intends to pay its members in 2014, it can be assumed that the fund will continue to grow. A health insurance change is usually easily possible. But even the best health insurance fund can not offer its members the benefits that insured people can benefit from private health insurance. But legally insured persons can secure first-class benefits with a supplementary health insurance. Insured persons, for example, use a supplementary dental insurance to reduce their own share of dental treatment of several hundred euros to a minimum. The protection is relatively cheap, as a simple tariff comparison shows. To additional dental insurance comparison computer

Here you will find tips and further information on the statutory health insurance.

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